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Bulletin Board

The WCRC Bulletin Board is a quick and convenient way for WCRC members to post messages about upcoming training/group runs, car pooling, news or whatever. Going to Maudslay for a training run with a few of your buddies? Post it here, maybe others will join you. Last minute plans to do a Thursday night “beach run”? Post a message here to get the word out. Want to say “thank you” to someone who hosted a training run or put together a great race? Post it here.

Sign up for email alerts! You can opt to receive email alerts whenever a new message is posted on the WCRC Bulletin Board. What better way to be notified about those last minute plans for a beach run, etc.? Just go to the Bulletin Board page and sign up for email alerts.

The WCRC Bulletin Board is hosted by Quick Topic, to post a message, read recent posts and/or sign up for email alerts simply click on the link below:

WCRC Quick Topic Bulletin Board