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WCRC and the 122nd Running of the Boston Marathon

On Monday, April 16th 2018, a bus load of WCRC runners lined up in Hopkinton Massachusetts and began their 26.2 mile race to the finish line of the 122nd running of the most historic and prestigious marathons in the world…THE BOSTON MARATHON. They shared the starting line and the course with some of the greatest runners in the world, they shared their experience with a million or so freezing, soaked supporters cheering them on from start to finish. Despite non-stop rain featuring freezing downpours and steady winds, they did AWESOME!!! Circle Nation be proud!

Sue Arslanian, 3:52:25
Julie Benson, 4:01:24
Emily Block,
Dave Carroll, 5:18:31
Karin Casey, 3:53:52
Tom Chase, 3:50:37
Chris Clapp, 3:23:16
Katharine Clark, 3:35:56
Kim Coppinger,
Alicia Crosby, 3:39:58
Amanda Deblau,
Beth Dollas, 3:34:57
Tara Driscoll, 4:28:11
Bob Dunfey, 5:07:25
Don Dwight, 4:50:44
Karen Fogg, 3:27:45
Laurie Gaudreau, 3:43:52
Jean Herrick, 5:03:34
Brady Hoover, 2:57:32
Bob Kennedy, 4:19:31
Sinthy Kounlasa, 4:37:33
Bruce Lander, 4:03:25
Ann Larson, 4:38:43
Mike Leigh, 3:23:12
Bill Leonard, 5:02:11
Beth Lindquist,
Curt Lintvedt, 5:04:58
Matt Manning, 2:55:09
Mike McCormick, 3:53:30
Greg McCullough, 3:31:26
Kathy McWilliams, 5:24:51
Patrick Messer, 4:38:36
Vicki Miller, 5:23:33
Tom Miller, 4:46:01
Amy Moody, 4:22:15
Charlie Nelson, 5:14:42
Jennifer Normand, 4:15:42
Janet Parkinson, 4:29:29
Tatum O’Sullivan, 5:56:24
John Peterson, 3:33:43
Philip Pierce, 5:47:52
Steve Reed, 5:39:05
Marc Reid,
Scarlette Smith, 5:15:48
Steve Smith, 4:02:54
Lisa-Marie Sonia, 3:50:33
Kevin St. Laurant,
Jessica Su, 3:26:15
Dave Theohiredes, 3:40:03
Michael Vangelist, 5:59:59
Rick Walsh, 3:44:04
Kate Winslow, 3:54:08

Circle Mass, Circle North, Circle South, Circle Nation; Congrats to all, great job!!!