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Thank You, from Cassidy’s Mom

34367937_1321352374676289_7451669908103888896_oGosh we are so blown away with all the people who came to Cassidy’s 5k and fun walk today. Jeremy and the kids are all out cold and I have some unexpected peace in the house right now to think. I am overwhelmed with emotions. I don’t know where we would be with out your love and support for our little girl and my family. You have all carried us through this journey with smiles on our faces. You have all gone above and beyond to make this little girl shine as bright as she does. Thank you so much to Rachel Jones and her beautiful family for all the months of hard work putting this all together, Scott Walsh I never realized how much work went into having a race!! Thank you !! Stacey Beaulieu for a being such a great mc!! , Winners Circle Running Club  Thank you! Jacqueline Hodges and her beautiful family thank you for always helping. She was carrying her new baby and selling tickets. Karen Tremblay Adams oh Karen just seeing you warms my heart Thank you for your hard work, all the amazing sponsors, volunteers, friends and family who just went above and beyond. Thank you !! Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough!! God bless you all. Eva