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Saw this on FB today, a blast from the past…

in a few hours it will slip away on FB, it’s worthy of a longer stay here. Thank you Nick! (we miss you!)

WARNING: LOOONG WINDED STORY AHEAD ABOUT RUNNING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK/BENEFIT!!: I am not a runner per se, I have no training in track or field, I started running 3.5 yrs ago when my mother took ill in the fall and the weather would not cooperate with my cycling, so I put on my $20 “sneakers” from Bob’s and started to run to relieve stress… it became a good therapy, and then a daily thing…then as time went by..I figured I would try to enter a race/run. And it continued…I found a running buddy…we ended up joining a running club…by default the closest one to me…knowing nothing about running never mind running clubs….the Winner’s Circle Running Club, Salisbury MA….so I went to meetings and thursday night runs, and talked about running and then ran more…did my first 10k, my first 1/2 marathon….and then came spring track workouts…well…honestly..I had NO business stepping onto a track…I had no reference of intervals or when to “take it easy” or what tempo was or any of that…just me and my 40 something year old legs and 20 something year old ego…well it only took once…and it was the last interval in the ladder…and twenty yards to finish..when I heard..and them very shortly after that felt it….yup…you guessed it that POP that many runners are so familiar with…my right right arch had just screamed,”WTF are you doing!! You’re way too old for this!!”…well my ego being stronger than my foot…that ego was just loud enough to tell me like R.Lee Ermy in Full Metal Jacket, “You gotta push through that s*&t!!!!”…which like a good recruit…i did…and crossed the line…and then tried to walk…which turned into what looked like a skit from monty python and the strange walk…well that was PF…if I need to define it for you…you’ve never had it and I hope you don’t get it…I tore my plantar fascia and set myself up for the next two years of chasing injuries from my feet to my back…PF is tricky…it is painful, and for every runner out there…there is as many solutions as how to heal it. For me I went down every road I could find..R.I.C.E, .a dixie cup filled with ice to roll on in the am, strassburg sock, rest, inflammation would go away…and then I would run..and re injure. NSAIDS, steroid injections, chiropractic therapy, xrays, physiatrists, bio mechanic research…orthotics, taping. Long story long….it just took trial, error, time and lots of patience…two marathon registrations deferred one and dropped the second…I stopped going to the running club except to volunteer…I couldn’t be around runners…they love to talk about running…and if you are injured as acutely as I was for so long….you eventually even get tired of hearing yourself tell your story about why you’re not out there with everyone else…..until finally after months of NOT running….I started to not have pain….I changed my diet…I cross trained, strength trained, I started to run…SLOWLY…I set a goal…I would attempt the 2013 IRONRUNNER series with USATF-NE Grand Prix. I would not focus on time this year…goal: FINISH WHAT YOU START, FINISH STRONG AND HEALTHY. No focus on time or PR, just start and finish. I am proud to say that with much work, determination, discipline and some scheduling I was able to to achieve my running goal for the 2013 season. I could not do this alone. Although we runners train often alone, we gather to support and poke and prod each other along to be better…faster…better. I draw so much inspiration from SO many athletes in the Winners Circle Running Club. The people there…Marathoners, Ultra Marathoners, Sprinters, IronMan Triathletes, Milers; the young talent that is coming in and the existing that has made the club what it is today….ages from teens to 70’s…..they all have something in common….THEY GIVE THEIR BEST…which inspires me to give my best….The devote their time to volunteer at races, raise money that enables WCRC to give THOUSANDS of dollars each year to charity. They stood STRONG at BOSTON MARATHON 2013 and made sure ALL were accounted for and safe, and then turned around and helped raise money to donate to those that suffered great loss that tragic day.

Yes, I have seen my club give its best and I am proud to a member of the WINNERS CIRCLE RUNNING CLUB. I am grateful to be healthy, to achieve my goal, to stand along my fellow athletes and teammates as an IRONRUNNER for the year 2013 and to represent the WCRC at USATF-NE events. Thanks team!!! You inspire me so much! Also, thank you WCRC for the privilege to wear the colors and to go and give my best this year.

A couple days ago, Polish Rifle Rick Bayko said that he loved to race. I thought about that and reflected on this year and realized something. I too, have to come to love to race. By no means do I have talent, I don’t score regularly for the team, probably won’t stand on the podium. I have determination and discipline…and so far healthy feet for now…but I love to go to a race and see all the clubs…and the elites…and pros…even if for those few minutes at the start(usually the last time i see them-HAHA)…and know that they are there to give their best…and that is what races have become for me this year….an opportunity to give my BEST..

I don’t know where I heard it…but I like this:

To beat and opponent who has brought nothing less than his/her best, allows me to bring out the best in myself.

I like this during the rare times that I pass runners at a race…HAHA!

So THANKS to all of you…crazy running people!!!

2014…..BRING IT ON!!!!!