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Workout 9/21/2016

1. warm-up run (10-30min.). We will meet at Nock lot and run easily to Bartlett Mall as 
we did the first week- 8-10 min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 2x1mile 'Indian Files' (groups run single file, runner in rear strides to front). 2-4 
x400 @ 5k -5-10sec.
W/ 400 between 
4. Cool down run 5-20min.

- we will get started at 5:30 from Nock
( and we will have to get earlier as fall progresses and light fades. If you can't make 
that time and/ or Wednesdays, I could probably meet with you on Tuesday evening or 
afternoon after 4!!)
- this workout will get you to pick up the pace and accelerate. You'll be working a bit 
of your anaerobic system as tempo picks up. 400s at end will result in lactic acid build 
up, training muscles to work hard while fatigued!