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Workout 9/14/2016

WORKOUT for 9/14

1. Warm-up run ( the run from the parking lot to railtrail beginning is about mile, so
figure that into your warm-up) 10-30min.
2. Drills and strides.
3. ‘Ladder': 400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, 400 ( all with 400 between) @5k pace.
Marathoners- this is a good workout for you,but an alternative is 2×2 miles @tempo,with
1/2 mile between!
4. Cool- down run 5-20min.
5. Dynamic drills and stretch.

– challenging speed- endurance workout . Great for focusing on pace. Try to keep
consistent pace- as always don’t go out too fast!
– work on staying relaxed while using good mechanics and being efficient!
– as mentioned last week, a huge factor in improvement is how you can handle discomfort
and stress in the midst of an intense run. Tonight you will have some opportunity to get
in that discomfort zone!! Manage it by staying in control and relaxed! Concentrate on
what your body is doing! Back off a bit if you are getting out of control!
– Work together. Stay close to your training partners and feed off each other! Help each
other improve. Alternate who leads or paces the rep.

– be aware of foot and bike traffic on trail- keeping to right does not necessarily apply
to all you may encounter! The trail does cross a road, but it is lightly traveled and
cars usually going slow and are accomodating – again usually, so heads up!
– we will start at train station end of trail then proceed down trail to River end to 1
mile post! 1/2 miles are on ‘official’ trail posts, I will put cones out for 1/4, 400 and
3/4, 1200. We will go down and turn around at one mile mark. So you start with a 1/4 rep
to cone, recover to 1/2 mile post, run 1/2 rep to mile post, turn around recover to 3/4
mile cone, run 3/4 rep to beginning etc.
– if you’re tired or not feeling it, just do 1 3/4 rep!