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Workout 9/7/2016

WORKOUT for 9/7:

1. warm- up run 10-30min. ( after assembling at 5:45, we will run to workout site- 
Bartlett Mall- together very easily.
2. Drills and strides.
3. 6-10x 400m @ 5k effort/pace w/ 200 or 400 between.
4. Cool down run - back to Nock parking lot.
5. Dynamic drills and stretching

- this is an 'intro.'workout. Volume and recovery period varies. Choose according to 
fitness and recent runs/workouts. I will gladly give recommendations on this, but 
generally if you're running 30 or more miles per week you can handle higher volume and 
less recovery. But consider upcoming races, and recent difficult runs or those upcoming.
- focus on improving yr mental/psychological skills while doing workout: concentrate and 
keep yourself under control.
Concentrate on good form/technique. When you want to speed up, don't run Hard, run 
Do this by keeping body under control and subtlety increase cadence of arms, push feet 
off ground quicker and focus on smooth leg rotation. People often just start grinding 
hard and tighten jaw, arms, and body- and then lose control! 
For many, the best thing you can get out of intense interval training is better focus and 
being able to manage yourself when discomfort and stress begin to overwhelm in the midst 
of a run!!

- the surface on the. Bartlett is dirt/ gravel, with a few uneven portions! But nice 
forgiving surface!
- there may be a few pedestrians as this is a public path.
- I would like your feedback- best by email, but certainly we can talk- about the 
workouts and where you would like to do them.



Hope everyone had a great summer and got some good mileage in as well as some quality workouts and/or races.

We will meet at 5:45 pm in the Nock Middle School parking lot on Low St. in Newburyport. As the light fades this fall we will have to adjust time to an earlier start. The track construction is far from being completed ( started about 6 weeks late) so we will have to improvise by using the loop around the Bartlett Mall on High St., the rail trail, and surrounding roads! The first week we will use the 400m loop at the Bartlett which will enable me to see you for the entire rep. The run to this loop will be about 3/4 of a mile so figure that into your warm-up! Let me know if you intending on participating, and pass the word to other runners!

Some important info.
– we’ll come together at close to 5:45 as possible for instructions then go right into some basic drills and strides. So an easy warm-up running (10-30minutes is recommended) should be done prior to5:45

– I will put you into groups with people of similar abilities. If you can please send me info. about your current race and training pace, this will expedite the grouping. Please adjust yourself if you feel more comfortable in another group. Groups will be adjusted as workouts continue.
– etiquette of track is fastest gets inside lane and the code word is ‘TRACK’ if you’re coming up on someone and want them to yield. If you hear this from behind, move to your right. If there are other folks on the track, I will try to ask them to yield!
– work with your group, don’t race with your group. Stay tight and feed off others. Have them help your rhythm and focus!
– training the day before and 2-3 days after should be EASY! However far you run, make it easy to maximize the training effect from workouts.
– when running- focus on relaxing and keeping yourself in control. Run with rhythm, with all motion going forward. Use physics and momentum. Your feet and legs should not be contacting with the ground, they should be springing off of it with active foot plant and the power of the big muscles of the hips , glutes, and quads! Concentrate on what your body is doing, not on what your watch is telling you!! Look good! Run like you are getting your picture taken ( btw- I will be videoing in weeks to come so you can see yourself and critique form)
– try to do the full volume of reps, but never hesitate to cut short or totally abort workout if feeling too much fatigue or sharp pains!

Workout intensities we wil be using:
1. Interval/5k- this is the classic intensity, built to increase VO2 max. Should be done at current 5k pace, or 5-10seconds faster.
2. Tempo- this is comfortable hard, or 10mile- 1/2 marathon pace.
3. Rep pace. This is 1-2 mile pace. Close to your max pace- fast!