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Workout 10/5/2016

WORKOUT for 10/5

1. warm-up run ( we will be running up to Bartlett Mall)
2. Drills and strides.
3. 12×200 w/ 200 between, 4 sets progressing to Rep ( fast) pace. Example: lead group
starts with 3x 200 run at 45sec, next 3- 42, third 3- 40, last 3- 36-38
4. Cool-down run.

– this is true distance runners speed work. A ‘neuromuscular’ workout to try to improve
speed of nervous system, and train legs and body to move at near max speed.
– caution- this could lead to some significant muscle strains, and perhaps injury. So
only progress to intense speed if feeling good.
– excellent workout to work on form. Stay efficient and focused on good form!
– if you’re not feeling good, you may want to slow down and do these at a good, but more
moderate effort!