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Workout 10/19/2016

1. Warm-up run ( we will be Runnning up to Barlett *)
2. Drills and strides
3. 9x400 w/ 200 btwn- 400s progressing in sets of 3 : from near Tempo pace to 5k to under 
5k pace.
4. Cool down run. 5-20min.

-   progression workout designed to help you with pacing and getting faster as you go 
-  this is 7th workout in session, so you should be noticing improvement. If not don't 
force things, back off a bit and keep it under control.
- focus on breathing. Breath from abdomen not chest. This is difficult because it reminds 
us how hard we are working. But essentially if you can keep the oxygen coming in at a 
good rate, then you are going to run faster. Often times we lose control and start hyper- 
breathing in a semi- panicked stress reaction. I really noticed this this past Sunday 
when I paced my daughter over the end of a marathon. I could hear her breathing become 
shorter and 'high' in chest as stress from the long run and having to push to make her 
goal (she did!!) weighed on her. But focusing on the breathing and keeping it under 
control allows you to keep going and not 'die'!

- if you are so inclined, bring your cameras and take some pics as the foliage around the 
Barlett Mall is beautiful when the sun hits it in the late afternoon!