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Workout 10/26/2016

WORKOUT for 10/26

1. Warm- up run 10-30min. ( we will be going to railtrail tonight)
2. Drills and strides.
3. 1-2x 2miles @ Tempo w/ 1/4 - 1/2 in between.
4. Cool- down run 5-20min.

- with many running 1/2 marathons a good Tempo paced run is great to keep your fresh.
Even if you're not doing a 1/2, Tempo ('comfortably hard' running), runs are something we 
should all do on a regular basis. 
- work on staying relaxed by focusing on breathing from abdomen with body in good rhythm.

- remember we will be starting shortly after 5:00.
- it is great running weather with cool, dry temps, but your muscles work best when 
warm-up- thus the concept of the warm-up. So not a bad idea to bring your sweats with you 
and shed them when workout begins!