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Workout 10/12/2016

WORKOUT for 10/12

1. Warm-up run ( we will run together to start of railtrail) 10-30 min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 5-7 x 800 @5k w/ 400 btwn.
4. Cool- down run 5-20min.

- this is a classic interval workout. Times should be at current 5k pace, with perhaps a 
slight progression in pace. Always try to finish a bit faster than you start.
 - volume difference based on your training and race schedule. Better to finish feeling 
like you could do more than feeling drained.  Save greatest efforts for races
- continue to work on relaxing and improving technique. Focus, focus, focus. Think of 
yourself as a dancer. Dancers want to look smooth and effortless! All movement is 
straight, arms swing in good rhythm and providing momentum, legs rotating through with 
feet under center of gravity!