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Workout 9/28/2016

WORKOUT for 9/28

1. Warm-up run 10-30min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 1mi, 3/4, 3/4, 1 mile w/1/4 between @ Tempo pace ( *progress to 5k*)
4. Cool-down run

- endurance workout. 
- Tempo pace is 'comfortably hard' effort, or about 10mile- 1/2 marathon race pace. I 
will give you a range of times which I think could be beneficial. 
- if you *progress to 5k* depends on your fitness, how you're feeling, and upcoming 
running schedule. Progressing should consist of doing the first 2 reps at Tempo then the 
second 2 reps at 5k. With only 1/4 mile between this could be quite challenging, but also 
very beneficial.
Only 'progress' if you are feeling good and don't have a race this coming weekend or are 
not tired/sore from last weekend! Tempo pacing is very beneficial!
- as always, work on staying relaxed and use good technique. Be tough by staying focused 
and staying in control!!

- we will start at 5:30.
- I plan on doing some videos so you can get some visual feedback of your form/technique, 
but it may be too wet tomorrow night. So if not tomorrow, I'll do it next week