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Mt Washington

The 2020 Mt. Washington Road Race will be held on Saturday June 20, on the Mt. Washington auto road. Every year the Winner’s Circle Running Club sends a large group of runners to “the Mountain” for a challenging run followed by a great post-race cookout. This is a lottery controlled event, so if you were not selected in the March lottery you can not run this year unless you request a race waiver from the club. The WCRC has 10 waivers available for club members that applied to the race via the lottery but were not selected. An email will be sent to all club members with instructions on how to apply for a waiver. Again, you MUST be a WCRC member in order to be considered for a waiver.


Monday February 10th – Registration Selection Opens (Lottery System)

Monday February 24th – Registration Selection Closes

Thursday February 27th – Race Selection Winners Announced


Registration Selection and other important details can be found on the race web site: 2020 Mt. Washington Road Race

The WCRC also staffs the first water stop on the mountain. Being first, the WCRC stop is a good one for volunteers: it is very busy (no hanging out needed) but for a relatively compact period of time since the runners are not yet fully spread out over the Mt. This is a great way to see the race and enjoy the post-race cookout/party at the base of the mountain.

If you would prefer to see the race from the summit, you can help out as a volunteer driver. Cars are sent to the top prior to the race in order to provide transportation to the runners headed back down after the finish. Often, WCRC has runners willing to send their cars to the top (in order to ensure rides back down) but with no one to drive them up. Note that generally you only have to drive up the Mt (the easy direction). The owner of the car will drive it back down (the hard direction). If you’d like to drive someone’s car to the top and watch the race finish from the summit, the easiest thing to do is to contact directly any WCRC member you know who is running and volunteer to drive their car or give them a ride down. Note that race rules only allow one person per car (the driver) on the way up prior to the race. Each car must bring at least 3 runners back down.

You need to register if you would like to be a WCRC volunteer at the Mountain.

Contact Doug Zechel at doug@smilinwideatryeharbor.com for volunteer information.