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Cassidy’s 5K (Run For The Kids)


September 25th from the Winner’s Circle.

Cassidys at the start

Be a part of something truly special! Click here for more Cassidy’s 5K information




Fugouwee Recap


A handful of Fuguowee runners prepare to remove their blindfolds, before trying to find their way back to The Circle!

Well this was truly an epic Fugouwee! This is what the Heckareday committee strives for: runners lost and in chaos! We had an upset victor in Brian Short! Brian led his team to victory despite having a couple of the most lost of the lost!

We had several people surpassing the benchmark 2hrs of true Fugouwee running!

Despite the clueless wondering of some intrepid runners, none sought a ride home! True Fugouwee spirit!
And as you cursed me for planning this beautifully diabolical route, you could take comfort to know that I, Mike, (along with Ron Johnston) hold the unofficial official record for the longest distance run in the Fugowee- 16 miles back in the 90s! We passed Newton, NH townhall after already having run 6.5 miles!!
And Scott Walsh has the unofficial official record of longest time out- well over 2:15 wondering the woods of Newbury a few years ago!

So be proud to be part of history and come to the meeting next week to collect more kudos and other accolades!