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WCRC 2017 Fugouwee Recap


Where the Fugouwee and which way do we go?

Another epic Fugouwee! Congratulations to the white team, an impressive showing with 4 of 5 runners in the top 10, all figuring out the shortest, at 6 miles, route back to The Circle! Kudos Nate, Steve, Dan, Michelle and Bonnie – well done!

For Immediate Release: Salisbury, MA, June 8, 2017, 7:00 PM: Five teams started out, four finished, the fifth team (the purple team) was last seen running along Rt 150 in nearby Kensington, reportedly they were running in the wrong direction; heading north to Exeter. Coincidentally, 52 years ago to the day, to the month, to the year this same stretch of road captured the nation’s attention in what has since become known as “The Incident at Exeter”. Today, however, it is Circle Nation whose attention is focused on this stretch of roadway where an entire team of Fugouwee runners has mysteriously disappeared.

When asked to comment, WCRC Historians claimed this was unprecedented; “We’ve lost an occasional runner, sometimes two, over the years, it’s the Fugouwee, it happens, but a whole frickin team! Despite the sighting on 150, we’re hoping they’re still standing in the middle of that field with their blindfolds on, maybe they didn’t hear the horn letting them know it was time to take them off. It’s been a few hours, but I suppose if you don’t hear the horn and ‘cuz you got this blindfold on you can’t really see if anyone else has taken theirs off yet, you know?”

Update, Salisbury, MA, June 8, 2017, 8:00 PM: The last purple team runner just checked in. Truly an historic Fugouwee, never before has an ENTIRE TEAM posted the last five to finish the race. They ALL went the wrong way! While other teams averaged 10K for this the 20th (or so) Fugouwee, team purple averaged 10 miles. When asked when he realized that he was heading the wrong way one team member replied, “When I saw Nubble Lighthouse.”

And so we close the books on another Fugouwee. Every year legends are made at this world famous race; not because you win the race, nobody ever remembers who wins, it’s when you lose, especially really, really badly, that’s when Fugouwee legends are born. Johnston, Roldan, McCormick, Walsh, Haynes, all Fugouwee legends. 2017 Team Purple, Fugouwee Rock Stars!!!


(Where) the Fugouwee???

fugouweeCircle Nation mark your calendars!!! It’s Fugouwee time!. This year’s Fugouwee will take place on June 8th prior to the monthly meeting.

Official Disclaimer: No running on interstate highways, no running through unlocked homes, no cow tipping, no trespassing where posted, no swimming across the mighty Merrimack, no taxis. and no streaking (men only).

Unofficial Disclaimer: Anything goes!

The Fugouwee Race is a WCRC members only event. You must be a member of the Winner’s Circle Running Club to participate. Click here for all the details