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2019 Award Winners

2019 award winners

2019 WCRC Award Winners: Tricia Lavoie – Paula Holm Award; Tom Miller – Volunteer of the Year Award; Tammy McDonough – Most Improved Runner (Female); Jeff Folsom – Most Improved Runner (Male)

The 2019 WCRC Annual Meeting was held on Saturday February 15, 2020 at 6:00 PM, upstairs at the Winner’s Circle. A rowdy crowd of long-term and newer club members filled the ever-expanding WCRC trophy room (aka The Circle Skybox Function Room). A large group of WCRC 2019 Grand Prix team and individual winners lined up to accept their Series jackets and other GP prizes, and the WCRC Annual Awards were presented to some extremely worthy individuals:

2019 Paula Holm Award Winner: Tricia Lavoie

2019 Volunteer of the Year: Tom Miller

2019 Most Improved Runners, Male and Female: Tammy McDonough and Jeff Folsom

In addition to the presentation of the WCRC Annual Awards, the second class of WCRC athletes were inducted into the WCRC Hall of Fame. Welcome into the Circle Hall! Ted Jones, Mike McCormick, Vicki Miller and Tom Miller.

The 2020 WCRC Board of Directors welcomes three new, first-time members and a seasoned core of re-elected members! Introducing the 2020 Board of Directors: Jane Lemuth, Scott Walsh, Leanne Corning, Amanda Burnham, Tricia Lavoie, Ryan Wilcox, Jean Herrick, Mary Hudon, Scarlette Smith, Bill Lannon, Stacey Harrison and Kim Kennedy.