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Annual Meeting

Winners Circle Sports Bar

The Winner’s Circle Sports Bar

The special Annual Meeting of the Winner’s Circle Running Club is held on a Saturday evening in February. This meeting replaces the normal monthly meeting which would have been held on the second Thursday of the month, and is normally, but not always, scheduled for the following Saturday. The annual meeting serves as the election night for the WCRC Board of Directors (nominations are made at the preceeding January monthly meeting), as the awards night for presenting all WCRC annual awards, and as the end of year/beginning of year WCRC party.

The 2017 WCRC Annual Meeting was held on Saturday February 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM, upstairs at the Winner’s Circle.

A parade of WCRC 2016 Grand Prix winners lined up to accept their Series jackets and other prizes. The WCRC Annual Awards were presented to some extremely worthy individuals:

2016 Paula Holm Award Winner: Bob Aucoin

2016 Volunteer of the Year:

2016 Most Improved Runners, Male and Female: Mike Leonard and Bonnie Conway

The 2017 WCRC Board of Directors welcomed four new, first-time members and a seasoned core of re-elected members! Introducing the 2017 Board of Directors: Scott Walsh, Mackenzie Gray, Craig Lampert, Dave Labrode, Ginger Iola, Betsy Berkenbush, Leanne Corning, Jane Lemuth, Dave Carroll, Jean Herrick and Trish Lavoie.