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Annual Awards

Paula Holm: Competitor and Volunteer

Paula Holm: Competitor and Volunteer

WCRC has a number of member awards given out at the special annual club meeting in February. The award descriptions are below.

The Paula Holm Award

This annual award in memorial of 20 year WCRC member Paula Holm is intended to reflect Paula’s contribution to the club and running through volunteerism, administrative roles, and competition.

Criteria for the award includes 2 or more of the following:

  • Ongoing, active membership in the WCRC
  • Significant contributions to the club’s role in advocating, sponsoring, and supporting the sports of running, cross-country, and track and field.
  • Contributions to the club as a competitive athlete.

Selection for the award will be through nominations forwarded to a committee selected by the current President in consultation with the current Board of Directors. (Committee members who are nominated for the award and/or feel too close to a nominee will withdraw and be replaced by the President). Nominations for this year’s award should be submitted to: Michael McCormick mamcc12@gmail.com. Please email your nomination with supporting information to Mike by February 1.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award is selected by the WCRC Board at its last meeting before election night, but any WCRC members can submit nominations. The name of the award makes the general criteria pretty obvious, but more specific criteria include:

  • Commitment to the WCRC club
  • Coordination of special events
  • Club race work or working at any club activity

No formal nomination document is required, but in nominating someone please state what in particular makes you think they deserve the award. This is particularly important when nominating someone who has done a lot “behind the scenes” that even the board might not have been in a position to fully appreciate. Nominations for Volunteer of the Year can be submitted via email to Tricia Lavoie at president@runthecircle.org. Email your nomination to Tricia by February 1.

Most Improved Runner Awards (Male and Female)

WCRC members attending the annual meeting will have the opportunity to vote for the WCRC Most Improved Runners (1 male and 1 female). “Most Improved” means just what it says, individuals who trained hard and improved a lot from one year to the next. If you nominate someone you should be prepared to collect race performance statistics (i.e. race times for various distances in 20xx versus 20xy – the results search features at coolrunning.com or Athlinks.com are a good way to do this) and have them available to voters at the annual meeting. Nomination posters (typically on normal printer paper but there are no rules on format) containing a photo and some stats (and any other information intended to entice voters) are posted on the walls on election night so voters can read about each candidate and make up their minds. Don’t ask for the official nomination rules because there aren’t any … the definition of “Most Improved Runner” is up to the voters at the annual meeting.

By popular demand in recent years, nominations for Most Improved Male and Female Runners will be held open until the annual meeting in February. However, if possible please submit via email to Jane Lemuth at secretary@runthecircle.org (by Feb. 1) the name(s) of individuals you intend to nominate. This will help to keep the board informed and will serve to avoid duplicate effort in cases where multiple people intend to nominate the same person (i.e. we can notify the nominators involved and they can work together to generate one amazing poster rather than multiple, possibly contradictory posters). Bring multiple (3 or 4) copies of your nomination poster to post on election night. Voting BEGINS AT 6:00 PM so plan on being there early so that your poster will be available to the earliest voters.