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2014 Award Winners


WCRC Award Winners for 2014: Most Imroved – Kelli Fowle and Chris Grange; Volunteer of the Year – Jimmy Banyas; and Paula Holm Award – Byron Petrakis

Unlike the previous two years, the WCRC Annual Meeting and Election Night Party was NOT postponed due to snow (hard to believe in this year of snowmageddon!). The meeting was, however, pushed back one week to Saturday February 21…no, not because there was some widely attended destination marathon but rather in observance of St. Valentine’s Day. Really, WCRC? St. Valentine’s Day? Really!!! The WCRC Board for 2015 will be: Dave Carroll, Tom Chase, Dale Eckert, Keith LeBlanc, Dave LaBrode, Tricia Lavoie, Dan Maguire, Nick Paquette, Josh Thibault, Scott Walsh & Doug Zechel. Thanks to all who attended and cast their vote!

In addition to the election of the new board, the Annual Meeting serves as the venue for presenting the WCRC Annual Awards. Award winners for 2014 include: Kelli Fowle – Most Improved Female Runner; Chris Grange – Most Improved Male Runner; Jimmy Banyas – Volunteer of the Year; Byron Petrakis – Paula Holm Award.

The Annual Meeting also serves as the venue for presenting the awards for the 2014 Final Grand Prix Results