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2011 Award Winners

WCRC Annual Awards for 2011

WCRC Award Winners for 2011: Lisa Rohr, Scott Walsh, Nick Paquette, Bob Randall, Matt Valli and Holly Sullivan.

The WCRC Annual Awards for 2011 were presented at the club’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, February 11. Attendance at the meeting was great, with a host of old and new faces absolutely filling the upstairs at the Winner’s Circle. The official voting quorum of 25 was far surpassed. The awards began with the 2011 WCRC Grand Prix Series winners. Their names can be found at the Grand Prix section of the website. This was followed by the award for Volunteer of the Year. In a club built on volunteerism, being selected THE volunteer of the year is a genuine honor, and this year’s award went to Lisa Rohr for her many efforts during the year timing WCRC races and in holding training sessions to develop a new set of WCRC timers. This year two special “beyond the call of duty awards” were also presented to Scott Walsh and Nick Paquette for their extraordinary efforts in leading the charge of the many WCRC volunteers who, respectively, salvaged the WCRC Turkey Trot (now the WCRC Wild Turkey Trot) and the Hangover Classic, two of the club’s most important annual events. The next award to be presented was the Paula Holm Award which is the most prestigious award offered by the club, based on a combination of the recipients record of general activity in the club, special service to the club and the running community, and competitive performance. The Paula Holm Award for 2011 was presented to Bob Randall – all agreed it was well deserved. The final awards for the evening were the Most Improved Male and Female Runners for 2011. These awards are determined by popular vote during the election and went to Matt “from out of nowhere” Valli and Holly Sullivan, who both had great years in 2011 (see the next Runners Rag for detailed stats for both). Kudos also to Alice McGonigle who ran a strong second to Holly in the voting. Award descriptions can be found under Membership on the website.