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Workout 5/16/2017

1. warm-up run 10-30min
2. Drills and strides
3. *3-5 x1000m w/400 btwn. Start at Tempo pace, progress to 5k pace.
4. cool-down run 5-20min.
5. Stretch drills

* recommend those running under 20 miles per week do 3 or 4 reps only,  as well as those who ran races this past weekend or have one coming up this weekend.

– by starting out at a slower/ tempo pace you should get the boost that starting off ‘easy’ will give.
-1000m reps at 5k are great VO2 boosters.
– always focus on good form. Stay relaxed, everything moving straight!

– I will be there Wednesday as well- same time 6! Please let me know if you are coming wed.- if small crowd I may run the workout myself.
– meet in parking lot both days. ( venue being used prior)