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Workout 9/20/2017

Wednesday promises – if you believe the weather people- to be quite stormy, so we will play it by ear. You can text or call me if in doubt-978-382-0738- and I will send out an email to the group about 4-4:30 on Wednesday. The Fuller track almost  always has some breeze because of the flat, open  terrain so during a storm it can be very windy! We can adjust workout and/or go onto the rail trail which has a lot more cover . I will be there if anybody else wants to come! There is shelter there you may put some dry clothes or quickly get out of weather!
Of course one of the joys of running is to get out there in nature and the weather! Savor your ability to do this!

WORKOUT for 9/20
1. warm-up run 10-30min.
2. Drills and strides
3. Ladder* 200, 400, 800, 1000,800, 400, 200, @ 5k pace, w/ 200-400 btwn.
4. Cool- Down run 5-20min.
5. Dynamic stretches/drills

* you may want to adjust how much of the ladder you do depending on fitness, race schedule etc. Ideally of you don’t have a race this weekend or are not recovering from one, you want to do the full volume. Also feel free to scale pace back and run more of a Tempo effort – perhaps sticking with a 200 recovery!

– pacing is always the essential goal. Huge mistake is people starting to fast and spend the rest of a race/run ‘dying’ or just surviving. Racing properly and getting the most out of yourself, is about being able to push yourself for an extended period of time!!
– try to stay in control and run efficiently- good form/running economy. When you feel yourself getting out of control, get in control! Stay relaxed and focus arm and leg drive straight with rhythm.