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Workout 9/13/2017

WORKOUT for 9/13.

– we will meet at the track- Fuller, Low st.  Newburyport.
– we will come together as close to 6 as possible.
– warm-up. It is Highly recommended that you do at least 10min. of easy running before we get started formerly. Ideally I recommend 20min. As group we will get into the second phase of warm-up- the dynamic flexibility drills. The third and final phase is 100m strides! A good warm-up will not tire you out, rather it will loosen the muscles, get the ‘engine’ (cardiovascular system) ready, and get you mentally focused for the intensity that will follow!
– I will suggest groups/ people you should run with. Try to work together and stay close during the reps. This actually makes it easier- or seem easier as you feed off each other’s energy and get into a rhythm together. It’s better to back off a bit to stay close then strain to stay up! If you feel misplaced please correct me and run with another group.
– run at a pace that is equitable to your current fitness level. While these workouts will help you improve, it is a cumulative process done over a number of weeks. So pushing a workout as hard as you can probably will not jump start your fitness as much as you may think.
– very important to end the workout with easy run and some flexibility exercises. It is very difficult to do these as a group because people end at such different times, but I will show you some tried and true dynamic exercises to help! At least end with 5-10min. of light running.
– recovery is very important in the succeeding days after. So know your body and what it needs to recover properly. It may be cross-training for some, others very much say running, others a long easy run.
– please let me know if you do not understand the workout or any of the lingo used.
Example- running intensities are as follows:( use your mind and body as a gage, not your watch!)
E= easy. This is usually your daily pace, but perhaps even slower
M/MP= moderate or marathon pace. This is also a daily pace for many. Often daily runs start E and build to M
T= Tempo or threshold pace. This is ‘comfortably hard’ pace. Often your 10k- 1/2 marathon race pace. This is a pace you should be able to hold on a training run for at least 20min.
I/5k= this is your usual race pace. Your ‘hard’ pace. This is the pace we will run at for most of these workouts. This pace increases your VO2 useful in improving all distance running from 800meters to the marathon.
R/rep= your 1 mile pace, as fast as you can run without full out sprinting! Yes this is something we all should do to increase range of motion and athleticism! Don’t fret we won’t be doing a lot of this!

WORKOUT for 9/13
1. warm- up run ( done prior to 6) 10-30min. Easy
2. Dynamic drills and strides.
3. 2×400, 2-3×800, 2×400@ 5k pace/ effort with 400in between all.
4. Cool-down run 5-20min.
5. Stretching and dynamic drills