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Workout 7/5/2017

WORKOUT for 7/5

1. Warm -up run 10-30min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 8-16* x 400 w/ 100m between @ Tempo- 5k**
4. Cool- down run
5. dynamic drills and stretching

* large range in number of reps – depends on your goals and intensity. Those training for 10miler or marathon should try to do at least 12!
** intensity also depends on goals etc. ideally you want to get a bit faster as workout progresses, but 100m recovery is very short

– a very challenging workout with such short recovery jog -100m-between reps, but if pacing is correct you can do it!
– a nice workout for marathoners to do at tempo pace for you’ll get good volume without too much stress ( again, if paced properly)

– if you are unusually  tired, sore etc do not hesitate to abort workout. Start the workout with goals (ex. 10 reps at 2:00), but if you are really struggling to hit that time, that is ok, just scale it back and do what your body is telling you! Trying to plow through a workout like this when not ‘on’ is usually not a good idea for most athletes.
– we will be joined tonight by some younger athletes. They are mainly sprinters, but they may join in with some of you