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Workout 7/25/2017

WORKOUT for 7/25
1. warm-up run 10-30min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 3-4×1000@5k w/400btwn, 3-4x400w/ 200 btwn.
4. cool-down run.
5. dynamic drills

– weather should be great for running fast ( and for late Sept. not for the beach)
– workout to improve vo2 and get ready for faster racing
– those that just raced Sunday may feel some residual effects so be cautious.
– new research says the best way for many athletes to recover and fend off injury is to keep moving and not over rest. As a matter of fact the research calls into question the classic RICE ( rest, ice, compression, elevation) for injury recovery. Keep area moving and flexible to quicken recovery according to new studies. From my perspective, everyone is different. Our bodies work differently and respond to various stimuli on different time schedules. Ice seems to work for me, as well as plenty of recovery time between hard efforts! So know thyself and what works best for you! Develop a sustainable, long-term strategy for healthy running!
– this is the final workout for the summer session. Watch out for the plan and schedule for fall workouts. Generally these begin the first or second week of September and go until the last week of October.