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workout 7/11/2017

WORKOUT for 7/11
1. warm-up run 10-30min.
2. strides and drills
3. 1×800 @5k, 400 jog to road, 1x1mile, or 1.5 miles* @ Tempo, 200 meter jog, 1-2×800@5k
4. cool- down run 5-20min.
5. dynamic drills and stretching

*. You can do the miles or miles and half on the road or track if you choose.
The road mile starts at Low and Toppans Ln. up to a right on High, right on Johnson, ends at intersection of Low and Johnson.
1.5 mile goes same way but continues on High to rail trail, on trail bear left onto Low, Low to the track and ends half way on back straight of track.
Do 1-2 800s on track.

– this is a combination workout combining 5k and tempo intensities. Great for those training for longer distances.