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Workout 6/27/2017

WORKOUT for 6/27
1. warm-up run 10-20min.
2. Drills and strides
3. 400,800,1200, 1600*, 1200, 800, 400 w/400 btwn @5k or Tempo**
5. cool- down run 5-20min. and dynamic drills.

* full volume recommended for those doing 30+ miles per week and/or training for marathon. Others may just want to go up to 1200 and do 1 rep at this distance.
**intensity depends on goals- those training for marathon may want to run at Tempo pace ( ‘comfortably hard or approx. 10mile race pace). Also you may want to lower intensity of racing this weekend!

– as always correct pacing essential. So try to finish at or faster than pace you started at!
– for those who haven’t done any speed work, this is a nice Intro. workout!

– could be some storms moving in, I will be there unless they are very intense! ( we have access to shelter at track) if  in doubt text me at 978-382-0738!
– try to do your easy warm-up running prior to 6:00.
-‘we will meet at track and go right into second stage of warm-up, ie drills and strides!