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Workout 10/24/2017

Last week we mixed it up and took advantage of adjacent hills and fitness to do a challenging combo. workout of hill tempo and fast intervals.
Time to take advantage of all this hard work and fine fall racing weather at some races!

While longer races are the trend now, the good old 5k is ever available and when run with full effort, very challenging. “Red-lining” it for 3 plus miles is tough, but will make you a better runner as it stresses both aerobic and anaerobic systems as well challenges your ability to keep your form and use good technique! Plus you can run a 5k almost every week- although recommend every other week- and they are relatively cheap ( although the upcoming 5k on Wcrc Grand Prix is $40day of fee!).

NOTE- workout is Tuesday 5:15! TONIGHT

1. warm-up run 10-30min.
2. drills and strides
3. 8-10×400 @5k, progress to 5k -5sec w/ 200.
4. dynamic drills and stretch
5. cool-down run

– this is a classic speed workout,   challenging with the short rest.
– run fast, but reserve the real speed for races. Always stay in control and relaxed.

This is last workout in session.
It has been a pleasure.
If you want some individual feedback, please email me or we can speak in person about your future training.
As noted earlier, all athletes are their own ‘experiment’ and you have to be careful with formulas. However, most training models, do not  advocate doing intense speed workouts all year. Rather, break your training up with different focuses.
And remember, for distance runners MILEAGE is king. But don’t totally neglect other systems, and always work on improving technique and efficiency.
Become a better athlete by getting stronger, more flexible, and tougher!

If there is enough interest and weather permits, I will direct some speed sessions this winter-perhaps in February