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Workout 6/6/2017

 Weather could be an issue tomorrow night! I will be there- unless I hear from most that you won't  be there or rain is very heavy around 5:30!  You can call or text me to be sure- 978-382-0738!!
 Wednesday is an option- same time- 6p.m. However this week I have to leave shortly after 6 to attend a work commitment ( awards night).
 The workout is good for bad weather as it is relatively short and intense- you won't even notice the summer, ahem, chill....

WORKOUT for 6/6
 1. warm-up run 10-30min.
 2. Drills and strides
 3. 4x400 w/200 @5k; 6x200 w/200 @5k -5 sec. 
 4. Cool down run 5-20min.

 - a neuromuscular workout to condition nervous system and body to move quicker.
 - good tune- up workout to ready you for some races.

 - caution, this can stress the muscles as you may be running considerably faster than usual.
 - it being cool try to warm-up more. Warm muscles work better and are less susceptible to pulls.
 - next week is the last of this session- next 5 week session begins 6/27.
 - traditionally after the last workout we rehydrate down at Michael's Harborside so plan ahead!!