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Workout 9/4

  • We will meet in main parking lot as close to 5:30 as possible.
  • We will run together to workout site then do a preview run of the loop- all this will be 15-20minutes will serve as warm-up.
  • Please put some notes down on ‘feedback’ sheet when workout over, or email your feedback.
  • Workouts are suggested, keep in mind your fitness and goals when deciding your intensity and volume.
  • Workouts will go on unless rain/ storms heavy. Call me if in question:978-382-0738 or check ‘circle talk’ on WCRC forum.

We will be using the ‘main loop’ which is almost exactly 900meters and mostly flat.

  1. Warm-up run.
  2. 4x strides.
  3. Runners who are running 25miles per week or more: 3-4xloop with 1/2 loop between run at 5k pace/effort.
    Runners under 25mpw: 1xloop; 2-3x 1/2 loop @5k all with 1/2 loop between.
    (Those racing this weekend should consider shortening workout by 1-2 reps)
  4. Cool-down run
  5. Dynamic cool-down drills.
  • This workout is low volume but testing workout to start.
  • Try to get faster with each rep. To do this keep the first rep in control and conservative.