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Workout 5/7

  • I will have a brief sign up sheet: phone, email, training pace, goals ,and recent race time
  • You should warm-up with some easy running, preferably 5-20 min. before we meet
  • We will start with more intense warm-up drills at 6:30
  • Workout intensities/paces should be based on your current race times.
  • Improvement will be achieved overtime with patience and training done at the proper intensities.
  • try to find people to run with. Run with them, take turns taking the lead, work together!
  • End with a ‘cool-down’ run of 5-20min. Very easy.
  • Please pit down as much as you can on the ‘feedback’ form at the end of your workout
  • The next two days of running should be easy recovery runs.
  1. Warm-up run
  2. Drills and strides
  3. 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 @5k pace w/200 easy between
    ( those training less than 30mpw or upcoming race should do a 400 easy between after the 400 on up)
  4.  Cool-down run 5-20min. Easy
  5. Dynamic drills