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Fugouwee Run

WCRC Annual Fugouwee Run

The Winner’s Circle Running Club “Fugouwee Run” is held each year on the first or second Thursday in June. Fugouwee runners are divided into two teams by the judges, blind-folded and driven to a point more or less 7 miles from the Circle, where they are dumped on the street en masse. Everyone has to find their way back to the Circle by the shortest route. The team with all members back to the circle first wins!!! Actually the event uses cross-country style scoring. The first runner back scores 1 point, the second runner scores 2 points, etc. If there are 26 runners total, the last runner to return gets 26 points. Once all runners have returned, the team with the lowest point total wins! Thus, everyone counts in the team effort! This is a club wide event – any WCRC member can participate.

This year the Fugouwee Run will be held on Thursday June 5, 2014. Fugouwee runners should be at the Circle, ready to run by 5:00 PM.