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Boston Training Long Runs

Boston Training Run in Merrimack 2102

Boston Training Run in Merrimack 2102

Eight runs of increasing distance will be held at 2 week intervals, spanning the Boston training timeframe. To make sure you don’t get bored, each run will be hosted by different WCRC members at different locations in the WCRC kingdom (MA, NH, ME). All WCRC members are invited to participate, whether or not you are running Boston. Shorter courses will also be designed for each session for those not interested in marathon distances.

All WCRC members welcome – even if you’re not running Boston.

Eight dates – every other week through winter.

Dates and recommended distances for Boston build-up:

Date Dist Host(s) Location Contact
December 20 10-12 Mike McCormick / WCRC Winner’s Circle Sports Bar, 211 Elm Street, Salisbury MA mamcc12@gmail.com
January 4 12-14 Bob Kennedy and Sinthy Kounlasa 18 Riverview Road, Durham, NH osprey02554@yahoo.com
January 18 14-16 Kim and Derek Coppinger 144 State St. Newburyport, MA ocoppinger@comcast.net
February 1 16-18 Tom Galvin 84 State St. Newburyport, MA tomglvn@gmail.com
February 15 16-18 Chris Grange The Claddagh Pub
399 Canal Street
Lawrence, MA
March 1 18-20 Dave and Maureen Carroll 15 Pheasant Run Drive
Newburyport, MA
March 15 18-20 Run to the Beach 30K Haverhill to Newburyport, MA ickylabrode@verizon.net
March 29 20-22 Vicki and Tom Miller 143 Durham Point Rd., Durham, NH vickim@xenia.unh.edu

If you intend to participate on a specific date, please contact the host during the week before so that they can get a rough head count for planning purposes.

The pace will vary with ability. Runs set up for training, not racing. Hopefully we will have a good idea of who will be coming and intended paces so everyone has someone to run with the whole way.

The last WCRC Boston Training Long Run will be on Sunday, March 29 starting at 9:00 AM. The entire mapped route is 22 miles, but it is an out-and-back on rural roads and turnarounds will be marked for 12.5 and 19.


Stocked water stops will be located at 5 miles and 9.5 miles (the 19 mile turnaround) and since it is out and back, 22 mile runners will have fluids at roughly 5, 9.5, 12.5 and 17. 19 mile runners will have fluids at roughly 5, 9.5, and 14.

Whether or not you are running Boston, you are welcome to show up and help celebrate the end of Boston training (a sure sign of spring … we can only hope).

NOTE THAT GIVEN THE CONDITION OF THE SNOW BANKS WHICH SHOW NO SIGN OF GOING AWAY, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO PARK ALONG THE MILLER’S DRIVEWAY. You will need to park along Deer Meadow Road and then cut through a neighbor’s yard (we’re pretty sure they don’t own a gun) to get to the Miller’s house.


You can Google https://goo.gl/maps/LJUi0 to see roughly where to go to park, or put 3 Deer Meadow Road, Durham, NH into your GPS (that will get you close anyway). While you will need to cut through our neighbor’s yard, please don’t park in or block their driveway (or anyone else’s). Park on the right side as you come in, the opposite side from the driveways. This is a neighborhood road so the traffic isn’t heavy, but it is a 2 way road, so pull over as far as possible given the snow conditions.

The run will be hosted by Vicki and Tom Miller at 143 Durham Point Road, Durham, NH. As usual, consider bringing something to share for the post-run, pre-Boston taper, celebration. Please RSVP to help us plan. RSVP to Vicki at vickim@xenia.unh.edu.