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Grand Prix Scoring


Points and Rules:

  • One point per mile maximum of 10 points per race.
  • 5 Bonus points for overall win.
  • 4 Bonus points for 2nd place overall.
  • 3 Bonus points for 3rd. place overall.
  • 3 Bonus points for 1st in age group.
  • 2 Bonus points for 2nd in age group.
  • 1 Bonus point for 3rd in age group. Only if the race awards top 3 places.

Age Divisions:

  • The WCRC Grand Prix Series has the same age divisions as USATF-NE. They are: Open, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ for men and women.

Race Program Rules:

  • To be eligible for WCRC scoring and incentives, the following rules apply:
    1. Must be a current member of the Winner’s Circle Running Club
    2. Complete a minimum of four races listed in The Series.

Scoring Categories:

  • The top three point scorers in each age division receive awards.
  • Age division is determined by first race of series completed.
  • A minimum of four races is required to be considered for winning.
  • Completing additional races adds to point score.
  • Highest combined score wins.
  • Ties broken by head-to-head comparison.

Program Management:

  • Dale Eckert is the Grand Prix Director responsible for all decisions on rules, scoring, and awards.

Report of Results and Standings:

  • WCRC Race Program results and standings will be published in the Runner’s Rag throughout the year and on the WCRC Web site.
  • If results are unreported or incorrect, contact Grand Prix Director Dale Eckert.