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Board of Directors

The WCRC Board of Directors meets at 7:00PM on the first Thursday of every month at the Winner’s Circle Sports Bar in Salisbury, MA.

Elected Positions:

President – Dave Carroll – mdcarroll90@comcast.net

Responsible for directing and coordinating the Board of Directors and club meetings and all club activities. Assists with club publicity.

Vice President/Web Master/E-Publicity – Scott Walsh srw9360@hotmail.com

Conducts club meetings in the president’s absence. Responsibilities include the coordination of interclub events such as the “Predict Your Time Race”. Assists other board members with their duties as necessary. Maintains the club’s website. Updates the web site with the results of club events such as the Grand Prix. Notifies the general membership of upcoming events via web site.

Treasurer – Tom Chase – bigt1958@comcast.net

Responsible for club finances, including bank account and all financial transactions. Submits financial status reports to board monthly or when necessary. Consolidates annual data for tax exempt filings and works with accountant to file a timely tax return.

Secretary – Tricia Lavoie  palzcares@comcast.net

Records the minutes of the Board of Directors and club meetings. Supplies Newsletter Editor with copies of minutes when requested. Responsible for annual election.

Overall Team Coordinator/E-Publicity – Chris Grange – cgrange83@hotmail.com

Coordinates racing teams for participation in races including Mill Cities, Mt. Washington and other club events.  Coordinates club training runs and works as a liaison with other clubs. Maintains club email lists and coordinates email communication to club members and race participants.

Overall-Race Coordinator – Dave LaBrode – ickylabrode@verizon.net

Acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors, race directors and timing crew.  Coordinates race application mailings.  Assists race directors of club sponsored races with equipment and volunteers. Organizes training for timing race events.

Uniform and Equipment Coordinator – Josh Thibault – tbodiesel@comcast.net

Responsible for purchasing and distributing WCRC running apparel. Maintains and updates equipment for road races and keeps locker rooms in great condition.

Grand Prix Race Director – Dale Eckert – dalesx2@comcast.net

Selects and promotes races included in the club grand prix series. Scans race results on grand prix races and scores the performance of club members. Keeps an ongoing record of leaders in age groups and updates the club at general meetings. Determines the top scores at the end of season and presents top runners in each category with awards at the annual meeting.

Special Events Coordinator – Doug Zechel – doug@smilinwideatryeharbor.com

Organizes various social events during the year for the benefit of members.  Organizes Mt. Washington and High Street Mile cookouts, along with a summer event and the Christmas party.  Coordinates other events during the year as the Board of Directors deem necessary.

Newsletter Editor – Nick Paquette – nick.s.paquette@gmail.com

Writes stories for the club newsletter. Encourages club members to write articles for the newsletter and edits submissions. Works with web-master to distribute “The Rag”.

New Members – Keith LeBlanc – kleblanc1978@verizon.net

Responsible for the recruitment of new members and promoting participation in club races. Responsible for keeping the newsletter and mailing lists current. Updates Board of Directors on new members. Provides club membership roster for liability insurance.

Assistant Team Coordinator – Dan Maguire – saipansailor2@yahoo.com

Assists Team Coordinator with duties and responsibilities related to racing teams for participation in races including Mill Cities, Lake Winnipesaukee, Mt. Washington, and other club events. Assists in club training runs and works as liaison with other clubs as may be directed by the Team Coordinator.

Positions Appointed by the Board:

Youth and Track Coordinator – Mike McCormick – mamcc12@gmail.com

Coordinates youth events such as summer track series and Hershey Series. Coaches members at track and cross-country venues. Organizes winter track at Governor’s Academy. Acts as club liaison with area track and cross country coaches.