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WCRC Grand Prix

The WCRC Grand Prix Series is a series competiton “open” to all WCRC members at no cost. Just join the club, run some of these races, and you’re in the series competition. There is no minimum number of races you need to run to be in the series (no one runs them all). Of course you need to register/pay for each race in which you intend to participate.

The 2015 WCRC Grand Prix Series includes the following races:

Completed Races

Remaining Races

No events coming up!

WCRC Grand Prix Race Director Dale Eckert will be generating this years results, using the club’s highly sophisticated system for scoring each race, which I am sure he would be happy to explain to you over a beverage at the next WCRC meeting.  Male and female series winners in each age group will be recognized with prizes of undisclosed monetary value and will have their names engraved on the plaque of honor on display upstairs at the Winner’s Circle.

Grand Prix Results Final for 2015

Final Grand Prix Results for 2014

Final Grand Prix Results for 2013

Final Grand Prix Results for 2012

WCRC Grand Prix Scoring System