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The WCRC Road To Boston Heads North 26.2 Miles (Not a typo!!!) to Durham NH

WCRC group long run training for the 2017 Boston Marathon kicked off in December and continues on the back roads and byways of Circle Nation. The fourth WCRC group training run leading up to Boston is scheduled for Sunday January 29th in Durham, NH. It’s not Hopkinton to Boston, and no one will be running it, but it’s gotta be more than a coincidence that the host location along The Oyster River in Durham is EXACTLY a 26.2 mile drive from Circle headquarters in Salisbury! Course details, other information and the group run schedule can be found on the Boston Marathon Long Run page:

Boston Marathon Group Long Runs

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WCRC April Fool’s 4 Miler

366th Annual April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race

Saturday, April 1 at the Winner’s Circle
10:00 AM start

Race History:

The Winner’s Circle Sports Bar was established in 1638 and was originally a frontier fort. Years later an antennae was placed on the roof and the rest is history.

Indigenous to the area at the time were the Naumkeag Indian tribe. Despite hostilities, a select group of Naumkeags were befriended and sheltered in the fort’s basement. Eventually they affectionately became known simply as the Kegs.

The Winner’s Circle Running Club was founded shortly thereafter by a small group of early settlers who were heavily inspired by the plethora of paved roadways and a large local wolf population.

In 1651, while watching Monday Night Football, local legends April Fool and Johnny “Kegs” Kelly decided to put their running mettle to the test with a footrace down to the Baker’s homestead and back during halftime. Trailing by a few feet at the turnaround April shouted at Johnny to take a right. April, knowing that the fastest way back was to go left, went left. April Fool won the race and to this day it’s debated whether the race is named in her honor or because she “fooled” Johnny and won the race.

The race has been run every year since from its original location and the Kegs have shown up every year for the post race celebration.

Join us for this year’s April Fool’s Race…the Kegs will be there!

Click here for race details and registration information!


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