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Annual Meeting

The 2016 WCRC Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday February 13 at 6:00 PM, upstairs at the Winner’s Circle. This meeting replaces the normal February monthly meeting which would have been held on February 11. The very important annual meeting serves as the election night for the 2016 WCRC Board of Directors (nominations were made at the January monthly meeting), as the awards night for presenting all WCRC annual awards for 2015, all WCRC 2015 Grand Prix winners, and as the end of year/beginning of year WCRC party. Details for each WCRC Annual Award can be found on this web site under the “Membership” menu or click here to link directly to the page: WCRC Annual Awards

The voting (and party) begins at 6:00 PM, polls close at 7:00 PM, annual meeting to follow.

Free pizza and other refreshments will be served. Consider bringing something extra for the party (appetizer, salad, desert, …).

WCRC Speed Series

The Winner’s Circle Running Club’s
4-3-2-1 Speed Series
is back for 2016!!!


Four of the North Shore’s Premier Races
and, yes, after parties at the Winner’s Circle’s world famous beer garden!

It all starts in April at the April Fool’s 4-miler and culminates in August at the historic High Street Mile. Four races; step down the distance, step up the pace! Race, Party, Repeat (a few weeks later!).

Click here for info and to register – save a few bucks by signing up for the series instead of each race individually

35th Annual WCRC April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race

April Fool's 4 Miler
35th Annual April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race

Saturday, April 2 at the Winner’s Circle
10:00 AM start

Race Factoids:

Named after April Fool

Longest continually run April Fool’s 4 Mile Road Race in the USA

In Salisbury, U.K. the race would be a 6.437376 K – how silly is that?

The largest hill in Salisbury is 8 feet…the race doesn’t go anywhere near it!

Salisbury has 7 miles of beautiful coastline…the race doesn’t go anywhere near that either!

Holds the record for the largest number of race participants all wearing the same bib number – in 2014 all 825 runners wore the number 0

Double the fun for the SERIESous runners – first and longest race in the WCRC 4-3-2-1 Speed Series, and a perennial favorite in LOCO’s Will Run For Beer Series!

Click here for race details and to register

The Journey To Boston 2016 Begins Here, Begins Now!

WCRC group long run training for the 2016 Boston Marathon kicked off in December. What’s a great recipe for success at Boston? Long runs on the hills of West Newbury! The fifth (of eight) WCRC group long runs leading up to Boston follows the footsteps (or close to it!) of the fourth run through the peaceful roads of West Newbury, MA. Course details, other information and the group run schedule can be found on the Boston Marathon Long Run page:

Boston Marathon Group Long Runs

WCRC Boston Marathon Bus Information