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WCRC at 40 Amazing Years!!!

As WE celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of one of the more prestigious running clubs in New England please join us in commemorating our history by enjoying the many photos and videos (that have gone from Beta to VHS to DVD to MP4) presented here on our website. As a charitable organization, The Winner’s Circle Running Club has been an institute in serving Northern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Maine for four decades. As an organization founded on the promotion of athleticism and friendly/fair competition, the WCRC has proudly influenced the organization of numerous similar running clubs throughout the Merrimack Valley and beyond!

The most recent 10 years of the club is presented here through the rotating header images on this and other site pages. The first 30 years is presented through photos, videos and documents found at the following links:

WCSB & WCRC history.pdf

Photo Archives from the earlier days

WCRC Early History – video

1983 Frigid Fiver and Halloween Pub Crawl (at 21:30) and Just a Pretty Face Race (at 53:40)

On February 9, 2019 the WCRC, to coincide with its annual meeting, will also hold an 40th Anniversary Party celebrating its many successes and, at the same time, induct the long awaited first class to the WCRC Hall of Fame; The WCRC founders Ron, Jerry and Roger Duford along with other key founding principals of the organization will be honored. All past and present members of the WCRC are encouraged to attend! The annual meeting and party will commence at 5:30 p.m.


As always, Thank You to our members, who do so much, to our sponsors, and the Community that we so proudly serve!