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38th Pat Polletta Race

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38th Pat Polletta
2 Mile Rail-Trail Race
(on packed gravel)

Friday, June 3, 2016 at the Winner’s Circle

6:30 PM start



Click here to register and for race details

(Where) the Fugouwee???

fugouweeCircle Nation mark your calendars!!! It’s Fugouwee time!. This year’s Fugouwee will be a week early and take place on June 2nd.

Official Disclaimer: No running on interstate highways, no running through unlocked homes, no cow tipping, no trespassing where posted, no swimming across the mighty Merrimack, no taxis. and no streaking (men only).

Unofficial Disclaimer: Anything goes!

The Fugouwee Race is a WCRC members only event. You must be a member on the Winner’s Circle Running Club to participate. Click here for all the details