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2017 WCRC Race Series

The Winner’s Circle Running Club’s
 NEW Race Series
for 2017!!!

Eight of the North Shore’s Premier Races
and, yes, after parties at the Winner’s Circle’s world famous beer garden!

Breaking News April 21, 2017, Salisbury, MA -Due to the extreme weather and travel restrictions on many roads within Circle Nation that directly affected the April Fool’s 4 Miler, the WCRC will be making the following changes with respect to the new 2017 WCRC Race Series:

1. Anyone that had pre-registered for the April Fool’s race, whether you ran or not, will remain eligible for the WCRC Race Series.

2. Anyone that ran the race, i.e., if your name appears in the official race results, you are eligible to register for the series (if you have already registered for the series, please do not register again).

3. Anyone that had registered for the Race Series prior to the April Fool’s Race AND participated in that race, will be given a “free pass” on one other race in the series. One race, your choice.

The link below will connect you to the Race Series page and registration.

It all starts in April at the April Fool’s 4-miler and culminates New Year’s Day at the historic Hangover Classic. Eight races; 1 per month (roughly!); 1 mile to 10K; Roads, Rail Trail and Cross Country; Two Night Races; After Parties; Race, Party, Repeat (a few weeks later!); All Races Support Local Charitable Causes and Organizations. It’s all about running…run them all, get a jacket!

Click here for info and to register for the WCRC Race Series*

* It doesn’t cost a thing to register for the Series, but you must also register for each race separately.

28th Annual Evelyn’s Run for the Roses 5K

Run for the Roses 5K

Evelyn’s Run for the Roses 5K

28th Annual Evelyn’s Run for the Roses 5K Women’s Road Race plus Non-Competitive Walk

and featuring

The Men’s Run for the Women

Friday, May 5 at the Winner’s Circle

6:30 PM start

Click here for registration and other important details

WCRC and the 121st Running of the Boston Marathon

Ready to run Boston – WCRC pre-race, Runner’s Village. Hopkinton, MA 4-17-2017

April 17th 2017; 63 WCRC runners (maybe more!) lined up in Hopkinton Massachusetts and began their 26.2 mile race to the finish line of the 121st running of the most historic and prestigious marathons in the world…THE BOSTON MARATHON. On an unusually warm April day they shared the starting line and the course with some of the greatest runners in the world, they shared the course with a million or so supporters cheering them on from start to finish. They shared the second half of the course with their fellow WCRC runners/turned volunteers for the day cheering them on at every mile and 5K split.

A little poetic license on my part (I think I’m entitled!) on my view from 30K. I looked for all of you, I found some of you! My personal WCRC highlights: Finding that first WCRC singlet; former elite and first Circle finisher, Matt Manning. Next; Merkel from the Circle, nice job in your marathon debut Matt! Tony and Mike a few seconds apart with a Jessica in between. Sue, doing what you do, for what 20 years now? It never gets old, and now in the blue and the gold…so awesome! Jim Bailey, Jim Bailey, Jim Bailey, maybe for me the biggest highlight of the day; three cheers! One for that first year that you should have been there, another for that second year that you would have been there, and lastly the biggest cheer of them all; seeing you out there this year when not that long ago that was unimaginable! Jerry Duford; forty years ago you had a vision; today, forty years later as you ran by I wondered if you realized just how large an impact that vision had on so many people sharing the course with you today. Others that made my long day on the course seem much shorter and my sunburn less painful; Dave Carroll, Sharon Chase, Janet Perkins-Howland, Betsy Berkenbush, Mike Vangelist, Meb, Desi, Jordan, Galen, Elvis and the guy hanging out of the U-Haul window who, at 4:15, told me my day was done!

Tony Ames, Michael Andreottola, Sue Arslanian, Jim Bailey, Jessica Bailey, Elizabeth Berkenbush, Emily Block, Dave Carroll, Sharon Chase, Tom Chase, Chris Clapp, Kim Coppinger, Amanda Deblauw, Beth Dollas, Michelle Donohue, Tara Driscoll, Gerald Duford, Bob Dunfey, Don Dwight, Karen Fogg, Josh Frash, Michael Froning, Eric Gadbois, Joe Gurczak, Heidi Hatch, Peter Heslam, Madelyn Hribar, Debra Johnson, Sinthy Kunlasa, Craig Lampert, Andrea Laflamme, Bruce Lander, Ann Larson, Mike Leigh, Beth Lindquist, Matt Manning, Mike McCormick, Greg McCullough, Brendan McGonigle, Matt Merkel, Charlie Nelson, Andy Orazio, Janet Perkins-Howland, Monica Pessina, John Peterson, Philip Pierce, Steve Reed, Marc Rix, Tim Roache, Thomas Roldan, Kelly Schaible, Ray Shane, Michelle Sherman, Brian Short, Steve Smith, Mary Smith, Madelyn Steeves, Jessica Su, Dave Theohiredes, Michael Vangelist, Rick Walsh, Kate Winslow, Sharon Yu

Circle Mass, Circle North, Circle South, Circle Nation, Congratulations to all, awesome job!!!