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Miscellaneous Photos

Kelly Bradbury hammers home at the 1998 Falmouth Road Race.
Emily Hampson makes her 1996 Circle debut at the High Street Mile.
Outsiders crash Randall's 100th Boston Marathon pre-event breakfast party (literally).
Ted Wendt displays his medal from the 100th Boston.
Byron Petrakis takes the WCRC colors to Athens.
Paula Holm and MaryAnn Randall at mile 15 of the 100th Boston.
The Mackie's only moments before the end of Ken's running career.
Ron Houghton looking good on Heartbreak Hill.
Ron Houghton again, hey ... at least he finished.
Susannah Landreth we knew her when ...
Ted Jones versus John Boyle (the president paid me to put this in)
Allie McGuiness rushes back for free beer.
Gary Passler and Don Hennigar at the 50 miler (moments before Gary blows out a knee).
1997 Mt Washington
1996 Mt Washington (a bit nicer than 1997)
Dick LeBlanc (or one of his clients?)
Lynn Jennings drops out of Boston after finding out WCRC will be there.
Bob Manning and John Wile cool down before the Hangover Classic, 1/1/97.
Uta Pippig and Coach Randall before the 1998 Boston Marathon.
Lisa Jewett at Run For The Roses.
Lisa Jewett winning Hamilton Melody Miles F40-49 division with"Coach Bob" Strout. He won Men's 40-49 and was 1stin the race overall.
WCRC members Maureen Farren and Maureen Wecal at Run for the Roses.
First place overall Mike McCormick shaking hands with bridesmaid Bob Strout at the Trick or Treat Trot 5K, 10/00.

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